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Always The Same - © Judgenot Ltd, 2006 Video for the brand new single Always The Same, featuring our very own cult of celebrity, Pastor Jack Stahl from the Church Of Tom Jones in California (Where else?) See Pastor Jack's full videos HERE
Not How It Seems - © Judgenot Ltd / Bowtie Films, 2006 Shot on location in the Lake District. Great twist, it's now how it seems... From Bow Tie films of the University Of Carlisle.
Faith In You - © Judgenot Ltd, 2004 Shot LIVE at The Roadmender in Northampton in Summer, 2004, and featuring the beautiful Maddy.
JACK ON THE BOX - © Judgenot Ltd, 2006
Straight outta Sacramento, fresh from his cameo appearance in the CoC promo for Always The Same, watch the cult of celebrity that is Pastor Jack Stahl of the Church Of Tom Jones take the world by storm in a series of spoof TV shows. See them all in full here!


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