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Eeenin' Stannit! UPDATED: 23.february 2007

Coming 'reasonably' fast off the back of the finest example of Celebrity hoo-ha we could ever have dreaded, CULT OF CELEBRITY are both pleased & relieved to finally announce the release of their new album - 0800-CELEBRITY!

Who could have ever imagined a girl from Essex & a girl from India hitting it off so well? Well as if by the forces of some parallel cosmic fate, a Baldy from Birmingham (no not Britney) & a Jew from Muswell Hill (no comment for fear of viewer & press vilification) have similarly come together to show how we can all live in perfect harmony. 0800-CELEBRITY is presented in full stereo technicolor to seize the day, 'almost' capture the moment & disappear without trace?

Complete with concept, skits, self deprecation, & the finest ear catching guitar tunes in all of the land(?), CULT OF CELEBRITY defy you to either like them, pigeon hole them or show any interest what so ever!!

Available from 'some' good outlets......
is OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!

New album!
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The sales of t-shirts, frisbees, bags and even CoC underwear all helps the band stay on the road.

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